Since 1990, East Coast Prompters, Inc. has been supplying our teleprompting services to production crews everywhere.

Gil DeMirjian (Co-Founder)

A graduate of Temple University, I have been involved in all aspects of business operations of East Coast Prompters, Inc. for over 25 years, interacting with and booking our teleprompter operators. I am an experienced teleprompter operator myself and have been going out on video production shoots and live shows and events for over 10 years. I enjoy the camaraderie of going out on video shoots and being part of the video production crew and interacting with crew, clients and customers. I have an accounting background and am a CPA which helps me with the business aspects of the industry.

I am a technical expert who understands all facets of production. Being involved as a second-generation production person has helped me understand the needs of my clients. Twenty five plus years and second generation in the film/video business has been a challenging and rewarding career. I’ve had many opportunities to learn from the many people and places I’ve been and have striven to pass along this knowledge to others I’ve encountered along the way. Being on set and during production has enabled me to bring my varied experiences to each job, crew member and client I encounter.

Jack Mehlbaum (Co-Founder)