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– a device for displaying prepared text to a speaker or performer

A teleprompter is a device used in video, film and TV that prompts actors for lines that may be forgotten or missed. Teleprompters are also used for speeches and for providing information such as a news anchor or reporter. The Teleprompter Operator transcribes scripts or recording into readable banners or special screens that are used to prompt people to remember what they are to say. Some teleprompter information may be provided in advance in the form of audio or videotape that must be transcribed into text format.

Teleprompter operators must have a good working knowledge of the language being used in the film, and must also be able to work with various individuals in the film that have different speech patterns. Since the operator must match the information on the screen with what is occurring in the scene it is very important that they have an ability to work in highly distracting settings and under considerable pressure.

A teleprompter operator needs to have excellent organizational, time management and communication skills. Since they are part of the production team they will be required to attend planning meetings as well as operate the teleprompter during the event or filming. Most Teleprompter Operators work flexible hours and may have to work long hours, evening and weekends to complete filming on schedule. A college degree in English, communications, film or a related field is often an asset. Excellent computer and keyboard skills are also required.

Teleprompting is used to enhance performances in front of a camera or live audience.  Some benefits are:

  • Script doesn’t need to be memorized to be delivered with confidence, polish and accuracy.
  • Eliminate need for notes, cue cards and index cards.
  • Allow speaker to focus more on style and delivery rather than memorizing content.
  • Enable presenter to maintain eye contact with the audience.
  • Reduce video production costs by making it easier to get longer and more accurate takes.
  • Make complicated speeches and presentations consistent time after time.

Scripts can be emailed prior or on shoot day and can be uploaded on-location from a USB. Word documents (.docx) work great, and we can also accept Rich Text Files (.rtf) and Text Files (.txt). No .pdf files please.

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Yes. We are insured for liability.

We are always equipped with backup gear in our vehicles (computers, monitors, stands, head units and extra prompter glass).

Rate includes gear, operator and transportation within 60 miles for a ten-hour day. Over 1.5 hours travel each way there is a flat fee of $75 which accounts for gas and time traveled. Tolls and parking will be additional. Overtime rate begins ten hours on location and ends at wrap out.

We offer speaker training for rehearsals both with camera and presentation teleprompters.